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ŽINIOS – October 2011

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Welcome to NY Apreiškimo Parapijos English Language Bulletin “ŽINIOS”


October is the Month of the Holy Rosary

Jesus said: “Speak to the world about my Mercy; let all mankind recognize My my unfathomable mercy.” Let us come to KNOW Christ, the Divine Mercy. Let us accept the Divine Mercy of Christ by conversion, and confess our sins. Let us, then, on our part, be merciful to others.

October 2 – Kavine, Parish Lower Hall

October 9 – Kavine, Parish Lower Hall


October 16 – Kavine, Parish Lower Hall

October 23 – Kavine, Parish Lower Hall

October 30 – Kavine, Parish Lower Hall, Tautodalies Institutas Meeting (tentative), Parish Lower Hall


November 2 – ALL SOULS DAY

November 5 – DAGILĖLIS CONCERT 3 PM, Annunciation Church

November 6 – Parish Commemoration of All Souls Day, Annunciation Church


October is the month of the Holy Rosary………. The rosary is Mary’s “life’s work prayer”……….. the story of Mary and Jesus and the events that impacted their lives put into an orderly sequence beginning with the Annunciation in the Joyful Mysteries, passing through the awful story of the passion and death of Jesus in the Sorrowful Mysteries, to the coronation of Mary as Queen of Heaven in the Glorious Mysteries, and on to the beauties of the Luminous Mysteries, created for us by Blessed John Paul II. Can’t find your rosary? Then count the HAIL MARYS on the ten fingers on the end of your hand!

September was a VERY busy month at Annunciation Parish. On Sunday, September 11, the entire parish community came together to memorialize the terrible events of September 11, 2001. Following the same program that the parish used in the week after 9/11, when we stood in front of our church, with the smoke of the fires in Manhattan pouring over our heads, Spanish, English, and Lithuanian speaking people again gathered together and prayed for the dead and injured, prayed for the “Peace that the World cannot give”, and sang together both the Star Spangled Banner and God Bless America. The Annunciation Lithuanian Choir, under the direction of Asta Barkauskas, and the Annunciation Spanish Choir, under the direction of Antonio Arenas, each sang a traditional mourning hymn. Consul General Sarapinas, assisted by Dr. Vyte Sarapinas and NY Lithuanian American Community District Council President Ramute Zukas, laid a wreath at the Lithuanian Waycross. Father Volertas, who said the Lithuanian Mass, and Father Michael Lynch, who would say the Spanish Mass, offered the invocation and benediction. Passers-by tipped their hats. Cars passing tooted their horns at the sight of the American flags. Parishioners called out the names of friends, relatives, and colleagues injured or killed. Consul General Sarapinas delivered a profoundly moving speech of condolence and hope for the future.

Many people need to be thanked for the September 11 commemoration: Ray Šližys, who saw to the moving and arranging of many things, including our portable organ, Sexton Phil Caponegro, who provided small flags and the image of Our Lady of Sorrows that he himself carried in the procession from the church, Joe Rudis, who provided for the memorial wreath, the group of gentlemen who bore both the American and Lithuanian flags, Pat Sidas, who acted as mistress of ceremonies, Leticia Serrano, president of the Spanish Affairs Committee, and acolytes (led by Dr. Algis Lukosevicius) Jonas Lukosevicius, Martin and Kenneth Pietrusewicz, and Matas Šližys, and choir members Tracey Šližys and Vida Jankauskas, who helped with everything from leading the choir out of the church to providing the music for the patriotic songs.

Following the 9/11 ceremonies, the parishioners were treated to a lovely luncheon, offered in celebration of the life of Kostas Norvila, by Juze, Algis and Danute Maria Norvila and families!

The following weekend, on Saturday, the First Annual LITHFAIR was held by the NY Lithuanian Athletic Club, under the leadership of Jonas Jankauskas and the LAK board of directors and officers. This wonderful family affair brought together well over 100 people (and children!) in the parish Parking Lot for fun, food, games, and good cheer. CONGRATULATIONS!

Sunday, the parish picnic filled the parking lot with folk eating and dancing and singing and celebrating a birthday and enjoying hot dogs from the Annunciation Acolyte’s Hot Dog Stand, manned by Simas and Rimas Palubinskas Chakar and Martin and Ken Pietrusiewicz, under the supervision of Martin Pietrusiewicz and Jean Naurek Pietrusiewicz. The parish Lower Hall was filled with other folk enjoying fabulous Kugelis, prepared by Kugelis Queen Josefina Senken and Kugelis Crown Princesses Regina Senken Walsh and Kristina Senken Heerey. Vida Jankauskas and her crew of kitchen helpers and decorators made the hall into a fall beer garden (Tracey Slizys and Nijole Mazeika made sure the brew kept flowing…) filled with great food and cakes, and Ramute Zukas ran the mini lottery. The Traditional Cash Lottery prizes were won by Henrikas Miklas, Ramute Vonusas, Dr. Algis Lukosevicius, and the Slizys family, who graciously donated their prize back to the parish! Special thanks go to Joe and Irene Rudis, who, as usual, see to the purchasing of the supplies and managed the cash lottery, and all the folk who donated mini-lottery prizes. As usual, Potato Peeler in Chief, “General” Butkus, marshaled the potato peeling committee! Kestutis and Aldona Auglys did yeoman’s duty “setting up” and decorating. To the multitude of ladies who worked SO hard in the kitchen, selling tickets and generally fussing so the rest of us would have a good time, we say a REALLY BIG ACIU!.

The week after THAT, Annunciation was honored by a visit of Lithuanian Foreign Affairs Minister Audronis Azubalis and Dr. Loreta Azubalis, his gracious wife, accompanied by Consul General Sarapinas and Mrs. Sarapinas. His Excellency the Foreign Minister spent almost an hour answering questions, and joined parishioners and other guests for a delicious lunch, provided by the Brooklyn Queens Chapter of the Lithuanian American Community. Before he left to attend to his duties at the United Nations, Mr. Azubalis presented a Medal of honor, the highest honor the Ministry presents, to parishioner Ramute Zukas, president of the New York District Council of the Lithuanian American Community, for her never ending work on behalf of the Consulate and the Lithuanian American People of Greater New York.

And, the Sunday after THAT, about a dozen members of Annunciation School Class of 1960 came to Mass and Kavine in anticipation of their Class Reunion later that afternoon. When one of the Classmates wondered if MARIJA, MARIJA is still sung at Annunciation, all the parishioners at Kavine rose and sang it for her, much to the delight of all the classmates. The class is still looking for… Joan Figurka, Violet Gerdvillis, Catherine Chajkiewicz, Lorraine Romatowski, Rosemarie Termine, Mary Padegimas, Nilda Mulero, Jeanette LaTorre, Lourdes Pinero, Nicholas Albergo, Angela Marulli, Phillip Costello, Judy Klevas, Charles Ferraro, Michael Boccia, Vincent Russo, Donald LaMonica and Leonard Timpone. If you know how to contact anyone, please let Mary Ann Casaverdi know at SID...@AOL.COM.

PHEW! You can see photos of these events at WWW.NYAPREISKIMO.COM , thanks to Annunciation Webmaster Arunas Tirksliunas!

A great BIG Annunciation ACIU goes to the Girnius Family of New Jersey, who donted their 42” flat screen TV to the parish when they moved to Chicago. Ditto to Ray and Matas Slizys, who GOT the set! It was promptly put to use at the LITHFAIR to watch the basketball games from Lithuania, courtesy of the electronic wizardry of Arunas Tirksliunas!

News from Philadelphia! Aleksandra Brittain, daughter of Rasa Bobelyte-Brittain, skated personal best in the Individual Ice Dancing National Championships in Denver. Aleks is thrilled beyond belief with a #8 NATIONAL ranking! CONGRATULATIONS!

News from the eastern Lieutenancy of the Equestrian Order of the Knights of the Holy Sepulchre! Joseph Rudis, our blessed, beloved parish “factotum”, has been recognized by the Order for his work on behalf of the Church by being raised in rank to Knight Commander with Star. Congratulations, Sir Joseph! is a website, found by Astra Butkus, she of the divine voice. It has some really interesting information about our church building! Aciu, Astra!

Choir members Astra Butkus, Tracey Slizys, and Pat Sidas attended a Gregorian Chant workshop October 8 at St. Catherine of Siena Church in Manhattan, given by the noted liturgist and church musician Father Columba Kelly, OSB, from the St. Meinrad Monastery in Indiana. So, if you hear them ernestly discussing neumes and icthuses, it‘s ok. Gregorian Chant people talk that way.

HEADS UP FOR NOVEMBER: “Dagilėlis”, a boys choir (12-18year olds) is coming to Annunciation parish for a concert on Novermber 5th. They will perform in the church at 3:00 pm. Admission is $20.00. After the concert everyone is welcome to the church hall for refeshments, and to meet with choir members. There is a need to find lodgings for 30 choir members and several guests while they are in New York for a few days. If anyone can accomodate these young people please speak to Ray Šližys.

ALL the sacraments are celebrated at Annunciation Parish: The Eucharist is celebrated every Sunday. Eucharistic Minister Vytautas Cereska will bring the sacrament to those who cannot come to Mass. (646-246-8270) Father Volertas hears Confessions before Mass Sundays in Lithuanian and English EVERY Sunday. If he is not in the confessional, he will be waiting in the sacristy, bless him!

To arrange for Baptisms and Weddings, or for the Sacrament of the Sick, and “Last Rites”, just call Msgr. Calise (718-384-0223) or Fr. Volertas (718-326-2236). When there is a death in your family, be sure to specify ANNUNCIATION to the Funeral Director, so the funeral can be held in your own parish.

Religious Instruction is available for our parish’s children. To arrange for religious instructions for children in preparation for First Penance/First Communion, Confirmation, or for parental instruction prior to the baptism of infants, contact Raimundas Šližys Lithuanian), or Rose Marie Walsh (718-384-0223, EXT 28, English). There are HOME STUDY opportunities for Religious Instruction. Don’t allow your children to be without the Sacraments or instruction in our Holy Faith.

Religious Instruction is available for adults, too. Arrangements can be made for instruction for persons who wish to become Catholics, or for Baptized Catholics who have not received all the initial sacraments (Penance, Eucharist, Confirmation). Contact Raimundas Šližys or Pat Sidas any Sunday at Kavine.

VAIKU LITURGJIA, Childrens’ Liturgy, in Lithuanian and English, has resumed. For more information on this valuable parish faith formation program, please contact Dr. Milda Palubinskas.

Children who have received their First Holy Communion who want to serve as Acolytes (Altar servers) should contact Dr. Algis Lukoševičius, or Raimundas Šližys (at Kavine). Schedules for serving are flexible. The same flexible scheduling is available for ladies and gentlemen who would like to serve as Lectors at Mass, or who would like to help out as Ushers. Bill Kumet will show you the ropes and help you schedule your time to serve! Call him at 718-846-3829. To join Annunciation Parish Lithuanian Choir, please come to the Loft any Sunday to meet Organist and Choir Director Asta Barkauskas. The choir rehearses after Mass the first Sunday of the Month in the Lower Hall. The tenor and bass section could use a few new members! RELIGIOUS EDUCATION HELPERS are always needed for Vaiku Liturgjia and sacrament preparation groups for children and adults. Contact Dr. Milda Palubinskas or Raimundas Šližys. Pat can always use help at KAVINE…… just find her after Mass to sign up! Joe Rudis especially needs younger helpers for DECORATING THE CHURCH before BIG feasts. Call him at 718-438-4649 .

TEACHERS OF LIGHT provides FREE tutoring programs. If YOU have children or young people needing tutoring in any subject, at any grade level, including preparation for the SAT exams, go to, or call 347-342-8354 .

Maironis School News: Maironis Lithuanian Saturday School invites all children, parents, teachers and adults wanting to learn Lithuanian to come to School! Classes are available from preschool through grade 10. The School meets at 206 Skillman Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211. New students are particularly welcome! For more information about classes at all levels, contact school principal Fausta Sinkunas.

Lithuanian Scouts Association News: For more information about the Lithuanian Scouts Association, contact Tomas Lora or Aldute Belzer.

Sick call list: Elvira Vilineskis, Phyllis Macenas, Liuda Gudelis, Joe Levonas, and Anele Steponis are suffering the assaults of age. Gloria O’Brien, Richard Legeckas, Edward Diskevich, Julia Cohen, and Marie Strimaitis McCauley need prayers. Jerry Cernauskas, Class of 1954, also needs our prayers as do choir members Algis and Ramute Cesnavicius. The news from London is that Simas Ulcickas is BETTER! Thank you, God! May God bless them all with improved health!

KAVINE NEWS: If you want to provide something special at Kavine, please contact Kavine Committee chairman Pat Sidas so she can help you coordinate your donation. Thanks to the Petravicius family for the wonderful muffins, croissants, and bagels they brought on October 2. Blessed candles are available at Kavine. Catholic families should have a blessed candle at home. There is no charge for them, but a donation is appreciated. God Bless the KAVINE SET-UP AND CLEAN-UP COMMITTEE. To join it — it is NOT hard work!—contact Vida Jankauskas or Pat Sidas. All you have to do is come half an hour early once in a while to set up the hall, and stay 15-20 minutes longer to clear the tables and “wash” the dishes.

Like to play CHESS? Kazys Butkus, Matas Slizys , Milda Stanislauskas, Paulius Sabalis, and Antanas Bublis and others await challengers Sundays at Kavine! For those who might like a less exotic challenge, the Kavine Committee has CHECKERS!

May they rest in peace in the arms of the angels! Vito Senken, debonair, gracious, caring and gifted choir member and parishioner, has gone to his final reward. He leaves his precious sons Bill, Steve, and Michael, and their children, and many beloved nieces and nephews. Jonas Malinauskas, longtime barber in the Woodhaven area, has died.

Please don’t forget the Annual Catholic Appeal of the Diocese of Brooklyn! Our spiritual leader, Bishop Di Marzio asks us once a year to make a donation to fund diocesan programs. Annunciation’s quota is $3,611.00. WE CAN MEET THAT! Thirteen generous parishioners have already given $2,380. Whatever is donated over the quota is RETURNED TO ANNUNCIATION for our parish’s use! Make your check payable to ANNUAL CATHOLIC APPEAL, put it in an envelope, and drop into the collection basket, or mail it to 1712 10th Avenue, Brooklyn. NY 11215, ATT: Annual Appeal

News from the Diocese Office of Migration. Diocese Office of Migration site can help you find vocational classes, English classes, and citizenship classes: 718-236-3000. For information about the LITHUANIAN APOSTOLATE, contact Father Volertas, or Advisory Committee members or Vida Jankauskas, Malvina Klivecka, or Joe Rudis, any Sunday at Kavine or before or after Mass.

Diocesan Catholic Charities Family / Counseling Centers help with mental health issues for children and adults, and employment counseling. For information go to or call 718-281-9540.

Churches United offers FREE CLASSES to people looking for work, classes in English, and a FREE LEGAL CLINIC every Wednesday in South Williamsburg. (Call Paul Cogley at 718-388-3774).

For translation help, contact the Lithuanian Apostolate.

News from Mt. Carmel:
Serenity Sunday Fellowship and healing for people recovering from addictions, and for those who love them. Mass at 5:00 pm, “pot luck” supper after, followed by “meetings” according to the precepts of “AA”. Next Serenity Sunday will be November 6. Support Group for the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Community meets the second and fourth Monday of each month.

The Mt. Carmel Theatre Company Contact for current information.

LAK News: For information about the NY Lithuanian Athletic Club and its activities, contact Jonas Jankauskas, LAK president. For information about YOUTH BASKETBALL, contact Joe Milukas, or go to the LAK website, or NY LAK Blog website.

Camp Neringa News: Visit for information about the CAMP NERINGA WATER BOTTLE SALE! Neringa will certainly need those funds—Hurricane Irene did a GREAT DEAL of damage to Neringa’s road and destroyed its bridge. Neringa Board member Rytas Stankunas advises that a fundraiser for Neringa will soon be held in the area.

Knights of Lithuania:
Council 12 is based in Manhattan. Council President is Elaine Derso: P. O. Box 230253, New York, NY 10023. phone: 212-874-2506, Council 110 is based in Queens. Council president is Dr. P. Kazas. Council 152 is based on Long Island. Council President is Julia Schroeder.

Attention dancers ages 5 to 100! The 14th Lithuanian Dance Festival will be held July 1, 2012 in Boston. If you want to participate or would like information, contact Cheryl Milukas.
More information on the Internet: Facebook: TryptinisN.Y.;;

Our Lady of Vilnius News: Sunday meditation and prayer continue at St. Patrick’s Cathedral, and in front of the closed church. Visit or for more information. Contact the Save Our Lady of Vilnius Committee, Elaine Derso, Chair, PO Box 230253, NY, NY 10023. Email: Elaine Derso. Website: Parishioner Jurgis Aleliunas died on August 15. He was a devoted parishioner of Our Lady of Vilnius and a plaintiff in the lawsuit protesting the closing of the church (Blaudziunas v. Egan), so it is fitting that he passed on the Feast of the Assumption of Mary. He was also a past President, Council 12, Knights of Lithuania. The case will be heard by the Newy York State Court of Appeals on November 15, 2011 at 2 PM in Albany.

Welcome to our new reader Kristina Ramanauskas and “renewing” reader Aldona Gobuzas!

Are you a veteran of the United States Armed Forces “in need “? Then the Veterans Community Outreach Initiative, and outreach program of the VA Chaplaincy Service, is the organization for you. Call 718-526-1000, ext. 2042. You served, so you are entitled to help! All inquiries are confidential.

TO REGISTER yourself and your family at Annunciation Parish call 718-384-0223 or e-mail. You can also register at Kavine. See Joe Rudis for a registration form. The more registered, the more secure our parish. NUMBERS COUNT!

COME VOLUNTEER FOR YOUR PARISH! Come help do His work on Earth!

Msgr. Joseph Calise – 718-384-0223

Associate Priest and Lithuanian Apostolate:
Rev. Vytautas Volertas

Parish Trustees:
Eric Arango, Raimundas Šližys

Lithuanian Affairs:
Vida Jankauskas

Raimundas Šližys

Lectors, Ushers:
Bill Kumet – 718-846-3829

Annunciation Parish Lithuanian Choir:
Asta Barkauskas, Just Come to the loft!

Pat Sidas – 203-762-9726

Lithuanian/English Bulletin Editor:
Vida Jankauskas

Parish Website Administrator:
Arūnas Tirkšliūnas

Decorating the Church:
Joe Rudis, Lidia Santos – 718-438-4649

Father Volertas, Dr. Algis Lukoševičius. See either one after Mass

Religious Education:
Dr. Milda Palubinskas, Salvijus Kungys, Dana Račiūnas Norvila, Raimundas Šližys, Rosemarie Walsh (English) – 718-384-0223, ext. 28

Dr. Algis Lukoševičius

Children’s Chapter:
Dr. Milda Palubinskas

Spanish Affairs Committee / Bulletin:
Leticia Serrano

Annunciation Parish Spanish Choir:
Antonio Arenas – See him after 11:30 am Mass

Guadalupe Committee:
Clemente Randon

Queen of The Rosary Academy:
Sr. Joan Losson, OP – 718-782-1110

Diocesan Migration Office:
Msgr. Ralph Marino – 718-236-3000

Serenity Sunday / LGBT Ministry:
Msgr. Joseph Calise – 718-384-0223


Are you unable to get to Mass? Eucharistic Minister Vytautas Cereska will bring the Body and Blood of Christ to you. Call Vytautas at 646-246-8270. Father Volertas (718-326-2236) is, of course, also available to bring the Sacraments and anoint the sick and frail. Do not be without the Sacraments, or let your loved ones be bereft either!

You can ask a Mass be said in Annunciation Church . Joe Rudis has the Mass Book Sundays after Mass in the Parish Hall. The usual stipend is $50.

If you want to schedule an event in the Parish Lower Hall, please do so as far in advance as possible. There are many, many demands on our limited facilities! Please contact Raimundas Šližys. (For those organizations needing access to the Halls at Mt. Carmel, that calendar opens JUNE 1.)






A word from Pat: Sorry for the lengthy edition! The chairs in our Lower Hall don’t seem to ever get “cold”…………The Good Lord Bless and Keep you all…..close to your parish!

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