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ŽINIOS – October 2013

Welcome to Apreiskimo Parapijos English Language Bulletin
October, 2013



October 6 Kavine at Parish Lower Hall

October 7 Pastoral Parish Council Meeting 7:00 PM, Mt. Carmel Meeting Room

October 13 VAIKU LITURGIJA, Kavine at Parish Lower Hall


October 19 Lithuanian Scouts Meeting 2:00 PM, Parish Lower Hall

October 20 Kavine at Parish Lower Hall

October 27 Kavine at Parish Lower Hall

November 1 FEAST OF ALL SAINTS, HOLY DAY OF OBLIGATION, Mass in Spanish 7:00 PM Annunciation Church

November 2 Prayer Service for All Souls day 2PM, Annunciation Church, Kavine at Parish Lower Hall

November 3 All Souls Commemoration at Mass 10AM, Annunciation Church, Kavine, Sandwich Lunch at Parish Lower Hall

October is the month of the Rosary—You remember the rosary—those beads that you were given on your First Holy Communion— Maybe, your picture was taken with the beads draped over your folded hands. Your ten fingers make an acceptable substitute if you can’t find those beads! Vida Jankauskas has produced a BEAUTIFUL brochure in Lithuanian, with all the prayers and all the Mysteries, including the new MYSTERIES OF LIGHT. These brochures are available in the vestibule of the church or in the Parish Lower Hall at Kavine. We are ALL asked to say at least one Rosary a week in honor of Our Lady of the Annunciation (First Joyful mystery—THE ANNUNCIATION—) Need English How-to Help? Try Vida at or, of course, Father Volertas at VOLE...@AOL.COM.

BIG BIG NEWS for our parish! Through the good offices of parishioner Aldona Kulpa, a registered pharmacist, flu vaccinations will be available at the Annunciation Parish Lower Hall (70 Havemeyer Street) from 11:15 AM to 12:30 PM on Sunday, October 20 and 27. The flu shots would be FREE for those who have a Medicare B plan or who have an insurance plan that covers flu vaccinations. (Be sure to bring your documentation!) Otherwise, the vaccinations would cost $20 for anyone else. If you are interested, please contact the Parish Office at 718-384-0223 no later than Thursday, October 17 to register yourself, so Aldona knows how much vaccine to bring. You can register at Kavine on October 13. NO EXCUSES! SIGN UP AND PROTECT YOURSELF! You may even get a lollipop if you’re good!

Do YOU have a skill or professional knowledge that you can share with our parish the way Aldona will? Algis Norvila, Mindaugas Zukauskas and Algis Kulpa have offered their electrical and carpenter skills. Algis Lukosevicius, too. Engineer Saulius Janusas’ organ building and playing skills have helped advance the work of restoring our beloved OPUS 288 Austin Organ. Indre Bileris Mc Craw has offered her significant Stained Glass expertise to the parish. Arunas Tirksliunas and Raimundas Slizys are always there when public speaking equipment or internet access is needed in the Parish Lower Hall. To volunteer YOUR skills (Do you like to iron? Bake? Make posters?), Contact Raimundas or any other member of the Annunciation Lithuanian Affairs Committee to VOLUNTEER. You will never regret it!

Parish Council News: Annunciation was represented at the October Parish Council Meeting by Raimundas Slizys. In addition, Dr. Algis Lukosevicius represented Annunciation at the recent Brooklyn Deanery Meeting (Msgr. Calise is Dean (leader) of this organization.) Also in attendance, and much praised for his patience, was Altar Server Jonas Lukosevicius. Matters discussed at the Parish Council that affect Annunciation included Evangelization Outreach, increasing altar server participation, increasing and diversifying volunteer corps, and matters concerning the Annual Communion Breakfast. Monsignor Calise commented warmly about our picnic, and noted the attendance of the Foreign Minister!

Under the auspices of Ateitis and Annunciation Parish Lithuanian Affairs Committee, at 2:00 PM on Saturday, November 2, ALL SOULS DAY, members of the parish have organized a candlelit meditative prayer service for All Souls day. The Prayer service will be in the tradition of the French monastic community of Taize. The church will be radiant with candles and natural light. Beautiful, simple monastic music will be sung, time will be allotted for silent meditation and prayer. Young people will assist in the reading of Scripture, in Lithuanian, appropriate for the commemoration of our Beloved Dead. We invite you to join this coming together in meditative silence, candle light, and song to observe the great tradition of honoring the memory of those who have walked home to the Lord on the day Holy Mother designates every year for this holy purpose—November 2. Following the service there will be light refreshments and coffee in the Parish Lower Hall. For more information, contact Dr. Milda Palubinskas or Dr. Algis Lukosevicius. (

Sunday, November 3, the parish will honor the deceased who were buried from our church, those who died far away from Annunciation family, and those who have had no other funeral. Letters will soon be sent to survivors of record. Following Mass, there will be a luncheon in the Parish Lower Hall. Kavine Committee would appreciate the donation of some bowls of coleslaw, misraine, potato salad, vinagretas, or other vegetable salad for the buffet table. Contact Pat at SID...@AOL.COM if you can help.

Sunday, September 22 the repaired and renovated Lithuanian Way Cross in front of our church was blessed and rededicated by Father Volertas. Many thanks go to Parish Sacristan Phil Caponegro and ATEITIS president Dr. Algis Lukosevicius, along with Ateitis volunteers old and young who did the restoration work. The ceremonies ended with the singing of MARIJA, MARIJA.

The Annunciation Parish Picnic and the NY Lithuanian Athletic Club LithNY Festival were SMASHING SUCCESSES! Families and Friends came together on Saturday, September 21, and partied away to the sound of the music of KOLORADO ROMAS, with the help of mighty helpings of kugelis, koldunai and Svyturys Beer. There were games and fun things for children, much laughing, some singing! A good time was had by all! Congratulations to LAK president Jonas Jankauskas and his loyal committee for a great job spectacularly well done. ACIU, all!

The threat of rain hung over the Parish Picnic until the very last minute… but God let the Sun shine in, and Aldona Marijosius and her ad hoc table drying committee dried the tables and chairs, so Annunciation parishioners were able to sit in the sunshine in Annunciation Schoolyard!

Vida Jankauskas and her decorating (and take-down committee) gave our Hall a jaunty fall look. Thank you, Vida and helpers Aldona and Kestutis Augylius, Antanas Bublis, Laimute and Stasys Kavaliauskas, Aldona Marijosius, Matas Slizys, and Giedre Stankunas. Vida and Pat Sidas donated all the pretty potted and cut flowers that filled the room. Special decorations, to honor the EUROBASKET game, were provided by Gytis and Stasys Kavaliauskas and Matas and Raimundas Slizys. Kolorado Romas entertained all with his music! Short speeches were given by our parish Administrator Monsignor Calise. Foreign Minister Linkevicius, and Consul General Sarapinas. Also present were former UN Ambassador Serksnys and currrent Ambassador Raimonda!

Queen Kugelis and princesses (Josefina Senken, Regina Senken Walsh and Christina Senken Heery) produced a colossal amount of exceptional kugelis—enough to feed all the folk who came to the picnic, and more to feed the hungry horde that came later to join us as we watched Team Lithuania play in the EUROBASKET FINALS! (They lost to France… Helas! But they were the SILVER MEDALISTS!) Other kitchen heroines were Ramute Hopanus, Grazina Janusas, Anele Jasulevicius, Aldona Marijosius, Ana Povilaitis, and Giedre Stankunas. Potato and Carrot peelers were Vida Penikas, Ana Povilaitis, Matas Slizys, and Tracey Slizys. Joe Rudis arranged for the kotlety and potatoes, and Vida Jankauskas made the sauerkraut and desros and prepared the beets, the carrots, and the green salad. Servers included Ramute Hopanus, Grazina Janusas, and Audrone Overas. To keep all the thirsty throng in liquid refreshment, Tracey and Raimundas Slizys kept the soda, wine and Svyturys coming! Vida and Aldis Penikas and Jean Pietrusiewicz handled lunch ticket sales.

Baristas Antanas Bublis, Matas Slizys and Milta Stanislauskas made CAFÉ APREISKIMAS the place to be after lunch for excellent cakes, breads and tortes, many home made, coffee and teas. Thanks to Dr. Giedre Kumpikas, Aldona Pintsch, Aldona Marijosius, Pat Sidas, Tracey Slizys and Milda Stanislauskas for the donations of the baked goods. Café Apreiskimas made over $300!

No parish event is complete without the Mini-Lottery. Masterfully laid out by Lottery Maven Ramute Zukas, the lottery was a truly booming success with many wonderful prizes, elegantly presented. Consul Sarapinas and Foreign Minister Linkevicius even donated prizes! With the help of a group of gallant ticket sellers, Ramute and her “crew” Anatolijus Garbauskas, Elzbieta Kungys, Vida Penikas, and Altar Servers Martin and Kenneth Pietrusiewicz, lottery sales totaled OVER SEVEN HUNDRED DOLLARS! IMAGINE THAT! Cash Lottery winners were: $500: Edward Sarkauskas, $300: Beth Palys, $100: Ruth Strazdis and Angela Menciunas. CONGRATULATIONS! And thanks to Irene and Joe Rudis and Irene’s sister Tillie, who manage the Cash Lottery every year!

Many, many thanks go to to Lithuanian Athletic Club members ML Buchannan, Vytautas Gostatas, Jonas Jankauskas, Gytis Kavaliauskas, Matas Slizys, Rytas Stankunas, and Richard Widmer, who both set up and “broke” the set in the Annunciation School Yard. Thanks, too, to the Mt. Carmel Custodial Staff and Pat Sidas and her faithful TRUCKIE for table transport!

At three o’clock in the afternoon a great hush descended over the packed Lower Hall. Why? Because the sounds of Lietuva, Tevyne Musu resounded through the room as almost 200 loyal New York Lithuanians, FIVE GENERATIONS WORTH of Annunciation parishioners included, along with Foreign Minister Linkevicius, Consul General and Dr. Vyte Sarapinas, much of the Consulate and Lithuanian United Nations Staff stood and proudly sang along with those present at the game, and Lithuanians watching all over the world as the Lithuanian National Basketball Team prepared to play Team France. It was a hard fought game, but the French prevailed… Thanks to Parish Technical Wizard Arunas Tirksliunas for making seeing the game in the Parish Hall possible. Arunas also created an album of photos documenting our picnic. Check it out at:

MAIRONIS SCHOOL NEWS: The new school year has begun at 206 Skilman Avenue, Brooklyn. Additional teachers are needed to accommodate enrolled classes! If you can help, contact Rasa Sprindys at

Sick call list: Elvira Vilineskis, Phyllis Macenas, Liuda Gudelis, and Joe Levonas, are suffering the assaults of age. Antanas Vytuvis and Regina Gelzinis also need prayers, as does Helen Bagdonas. Milda Palubinskas’ mother took a tumble and broke her hip! Helen Matulonis also fell, but, luckily, did not BREAK anything! Dr. Stefa Dimas is recovering from a health dust-up.

May they rest in Peace… Giedre Kulpa, Mother of Algis and Jurate, has gone to her rest after a long and hard illness. Stase Skerys, sister of Algis Vedeckas, has died in Putnam. Izabele Svitra, Mother of Dr. Paul, recently died. Joan Jacobi Landbergis, mother of Jon, has died. The mother of Annunciation Parish Trustee and member of the Parish Council Eric Arrango has died, as has Stephen Stripeikis. He is survived by his brothers Richard and Edward. 96 year old Joe Pladis died in New Jersey.

Annunciation is blessed with a loyal Altar Boy Corps, under the direction of Dr. Algis Lukosevivcius. Sometimes, however, no one is available to serve, especially for funeral Masses. Did YOU used to serve as a boy or youth? There is NO REASON that you can’t pitch in again and serve, even if your serving days were in the “Old Mass” days, or you never had the privilege! Algis will gladly bring you up to speed, and Father Volertas will help, too. No one will insist you “suit up”, but Algis is more than happy to help you with a cassock and surplice if you are willing! Wouldn’t it be a beautiful thing for our parish to have a SENIOR ALTAR SERVERS CORPS ready and willing to assist Father Volertas at the altar when the young guys can’t? Contact Algis at !

Annunciation’s Religious Education program is alive and well, and waiting for families to register their children for future Confirmation classes and First Holy Communion. To enroll your child or grandchild (English-only children are also welcome!) in our parish program, contact THE FIRST MEETING OF THE 2014 CONFIRMATION CLASS will be Sunday, October 13, after Mass at the Kavine. Contact Milda for details! (201-444-1270)

Joyful, Joyful News! Krista Papartis, daughter of Audra and Ed Papartis (of Chicago) was baptized in our parish September 27th. Grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. V. Gintautas.

KAVINE NEWS: Sunday, September 29 parishioners were surprised with a POT LUCK LUNCH! Everyone got to fill his or her tummy with hot dogs, cold kielbasa, black bread, and lettuce salad…items purchased for the Parish Picnic, but left over. A great time was had by all, and the Kavine Committee realized a nifty profit! If you want to provide something special at Kavine, please contact Pat Sidas at SID...@SOL.COM so she can help you coordinate your donation. God Bless the KAVINE SET-UP AND CLEAN-UP COMMITTEE. To volunteer to help at Kavine, contact Vida Penikas or Pat Sidas. All you have to do is come half an hour early once in a while to set up the hall, or stay 15-20 minutes longer to clear the tables, fold the cloths, and “wash” the coffee and tea pots. HELP IS DESPERATELY NEEDED A 9:30 AM! Thanks to Dr. Giedre Kumpikas, who donated two shopping bags full of tableware, cups and napkins to Kavine.

News from Mt. Carmel: Next Serenity Sunday will be November 3 at 4:30 PM. Pot Luck Supper and 12 Step Meeting follows for ALL Fellowships. Glad Tidings (LGBT Community): Meets second and fourth Monday, 7:00 PM. Rectory: 718-384-0223. Monica Ministry (Domestic Violence) Hotline: 1-800-799-7233. Sunday, October.

Our Lady of Vilnius News: Elaine Derso, 212-874-2506, or Mindaugas Blaudziunas at

News from the Diocese of Brooklyn: Renewing our Faith through acts of Charity : Atnaujanti musu tikejimas per labdaros darbu atlikima! is the motto of this year’s appeal! Our goal this year is to raise at least $3879. Every penny raised above that sum COMES BACK TO ANNUNCIATION! Even MORE comes back in the form of diocesan support for Father Volertas’ work as coordinator of the Lithuanian Apostolate. We ALL need to make donation to this fund. EVERY donation, any size, is a valuable one to both Bishop DiMarzio and Annunciation. FEWER THAN 50 of us gave last year. That won’t DO! EVERYONE is expected to offer SOMETHING, no matter how small……..PLEASE GIVE!

We ALL need to do our part to support the diocese AND our parish. Bishop Di MArzio will take care of the work of the Diocese. WE need to see to the work at our parish! Please look for the envelopes in the church and hall, and do your part to support Annunciation AND Bishop DiMarzio and his work for the people of our Diocese of Brooklyn! If you prefer to MAIL your donation, make it payable to ANNUAL APPEAL and send it to 310 Prospect Park West, Brooklyn, NY 11215.

AUTUMN EVENTS/ Lithuanian American Community: NJLB: Fall Ball October 12. Information: EILB: Fishing Expedition Oct. 20. Information: LILB: Dambrauskas Concert October 26. Information: NYLB: Liudni Slibinai Concert— at Annunciation November 9 Information: October 20: Rasa Kazlas production SAND AND SILENCE Information:, or

HEADS UP! The Lithuanian Consulate is organizing a RUNNING TEAM for the NY MARATHON! Information: NOVEMBER 8 Baltic-New England Development Network conference “CONNECTING THE BALTICS”. Information: Prof. D. Gedrimas NOVEMBER 10: Lithuanian Womens Club Connecticut Chapter fundraising concert with violinist Justina Auskelyte, accompanied by Vilija Naukokaitis. Information: Ramute Zukas Putnam Sisters VELINES Commemoration November 3. Information:

Help for those experiencing hearing problems! SPEECH/HEARING SCREENINGS are available, FREE, at St. John’s University. Call 718-990-6480 to get more information or to schedule an appointment! Got hearing troubles? CALL NOW!

ALL the sacraments are celebrated at Annunciation Parish:

The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass: Wednesdays at 7:00 pm, Sundays 10:00 am and 11:30 am

Confessions (Lithuanian and English): EVERY Sunday before Mass.

Baptisms, Funerals, and Weddings are arranged through the Parish Office at 718-384-0223

Sacrament of the Sick (Last Rites): Father Volertas (718-326-2236, 347-62-2240) or Msgr. Calise (718-384-0223). Eucharistic Minister V. Cereska will bring the Eucharist to you. 347-656-9815.

Annunciation Religious Education Program (Children), Childrens Liturgy, in Lithuanian and English, Contact Dr. Milda Palubinskas at for the monthly calendar.

Religious Education (Adults): Raimundas Silzys or Pat Sidas.

Altar Servers: Dr. Algis Lukosevicius – Schedules for serving are flexible. English-only servers are welcome, as are those who can’t come all the time.

Annunciation Parish Lithuanian Choir: CONTINUES TO SING ALL SUMMER, BLESS THEM!

Lectors at Mass: Ladies and gentlemen who would like to serve should contact Vida Penikas ( , or 516-922-1760). Vida will show you the ropes and help you schedule your time.

ATTENTION! VOLUNTEER USHERS are URGENTLY needed at Sunday Mass. Contact Raimundas Slizys at LIT...@AOL.COM to volunteer.

IMPORTANT HELPLINE FOR LITHUANIAN SPEAKING PEOPLE! There is a toll-free number to call for Lithuanian speakers when in need of mental health help. It is open Mondays and Thursdays from 6PM-9PM. 866-438-7400. Share this information! It can be life saving!

Volunteers are always needed in our parish.The list of who to contact is below…….CALL! E-MAIL! COME VOLUNTEER FOR YOUR PARISH! Come help do His work on Earth!

Administrator: Msgr. Joseph Calise – 718-384-0223

Associate Priest: Rev.Vytautas Volertas – 347-628-2240

Parish Trustees, Parish Council Members: Eric Arango, Raimundas Slizys

Lithuanian Affairs: Vida Jankauskienė – ALGI...@YAHOO.COM

Committee: Raimundas Slizys – LIT...@AOL.COM

Lectors / Ushers: Vida Penikas –

Annunciation Parish Lithuanian Choir: Asta Barkauskas. Just Come to the loft!

Curator of the Organ: Saulius Janusas

Kavine: Pat Sidas- 203-762-9726, email- SID...@AOL.COM

Lithuanian / English Bulletin Editor: Vida Jankauskienė – ALGI...@YAHOO.COM

Parish Website Administrator: Arunas Tirksliunas –

Decorating the Church: Joe Rudis, Dr. Algis Lukosevicius – ALGI...@YAHOO.COM, 718-438-4649

Acolyte Program: Dr. Algis Lukosevicius – ALGI...@YAHOO.COM

Religious Education: Dr. Milda Palubinskaite –, Raimundas Slizys – LITH...@AOL.COM, Rosemarie Walsh (English) – 718-384-0223, ext. 28

Queen of the Rosary Academy: Maureen Rooney, 718-782-1110

Teachers of Light Tutoring / SAT Prep program (FREE): 347-342-8354,

Ateitis Adult Chapter: Dr. Algis Lukosevicius Dr. Algis Lukosevicius – ALGI...@YAHOO.COM

Ateitis Youth Chapter: Dr. Milda Palubinskas –

Spanish Affairs Committee / Bulletin: Leticia Serrano – ARI...@AOL.COM

Annunciation Parish Spanish Choir: Antonio Arenas. See him after 11:30 am Mass

Guadalupe Committee: Clemente Randon – C12G...@AOL.COM

Lithuanian Apostolate provides counsel, access to resources, translation services, social and religious assistance to Lithuanian speaking people in the Diocese of Brooklyn and Greater New York. Contact Rev. Vytautas Volertas – VOLE...@AOL.COM, 347-628-2240) or Diocesan Migration Office 718-236-3000

Lithuanian Languagae Internet Apostolate:

IMPORTANT HELPLINE FOR LITHUANIAN SPEAKING PEOPLE!/ There is a toll-free number to call for Lithuanian speakers when in need of mental health help. It is open Mondays and Thursdays from 6PM-9PM. 866-438-7400. Share this information! It can be life saving!

To schedule an event in the Parish Lower Hall, please contact Raimundas Slizys – LITH...@AOL.COM

VERY IMPORTANT: TO REGISTER yourself and your family at Annunciation Parish at 718-384-0223 by e-mail at , or at Kavine. See Joe Rudis for a registration form. Offertory Envelopes make it easy to make your weekly donation to the support the parish. To get on the mailing list, contact MARY ANN at the OLMC office… 718-384-0223.

To ask a Mass be said in Annunciation Church: Joe Rudis has the Sunday Mass Book Sundays after Mass in the Parish Hall. The usual stipend is $50. MASS IS SAID EVERY WEDNESDAY (in Spanish) at 7:00 PM. AT ANNUNCIATION. Intentions are available for this Mass. Contact Msgr. Calise at OLMC...@YAHOO.COM for information.

Lithuanian Organizations

Lithuanian Catholic Religious Aid: 718-326-5202, email:

Maironis Lithuanian Saturday School: Rasa Sprindys, Principal –

Lithuanian Scouts: Tomas Lora – , Aldute Belzer –

Lithuanian Athletic Club: (, contact Jonas Jankauskas –

Tryptinis NY Lithuanian Folk Dance Ensemble: Jonas Jankauskas –

Lithuanian Folk Art Institute NY Chapter: Laurynas Vismanas –

Lithuanian American Community: Algirdas Grybas –

Lithuanian Citizens Club: Dr. Giedre Kumpikas –

Knights of Lithuania: K12 NYC: Elaine Derso – ; K110 BQ: Dr. P. Kazas – ; K152 LI: Julia Schroeder –;

Marija Radijas: www.marijosradijas.LT

NEW YORK Lithuanian Radio: New York, Tuesdays, 9:00 PM WPAT 930 AM, or at



Workers’ Rights Hotline: For complaints or concerns about pay or working conditions, 877-525-2267

Grace Institute: Free Job Training for Women: 1223 2nd Avenue, NYC, 212-832-7605

Churches United: English Classes, Legal Clinic, Employment Services. All free, 718-388-3774

Diocesan Catholic Charities Family /Counseling Centers: 718-281-9540,

Rachel’s Helpers: Abortion Victims Consolation, 718-939-6646

Serenity Sunday: Monsignor Calise, 718-384-0223

LGBT Ministry: Father Michael Lynch, 718-834-0223

Monica Ministry: Domestic Abuse, 718-384-0223

Northside Senior Center: 179 North 6th (Bet. Bedford and Driggs Aves.) “Morning Coffee Break”, lunch, recreational, educational, and social activities, a COMPUTER LAB, and Social Services information available FREE, or for VERY LITTLE charge. 718-387-2316





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