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ŽINIOS – August 2012

Welcome to Apreiskimo Parapijos
English Language Bulletin ZINIOS

August 2012


(Palaimintasis Jurgis Matulaitis-Matulevicius 1871-1927 Malda (Prayer)
Palaimintasis arkivyskupe Jurgi. Nekaltai Pradetusios Svenciausios Mergeles Marijos myletojau ir istikimas Baznycios sunau, ismelsk mums dorybiu ir jegu bei ryzto uoliai darbuotis Baznyciai, Tevynei, ir viska atnaujinti Kristuje.

August 5
Kavine, Parish Lower Hall

August 12
Kavine, Parish Lower Hall


August 19, ZOLINES Celebrated
Kavine, Parish Lower Hall

August 26
Kavine, Parish Lower Hall

September 2
Kavine, Parish Lower Hall

September 3, LABOR DAY
American National Holiday, FLY OLD GLORY!

Our Lady of the Isle Shrine, Manorville, NY

Kavine, Parish Lower Hall

Annunciation School Yard, 1:00PM-8:00 PM

Annunciation School Yard and Parish Lower Hall
After 10:00 AM Mass- 5:00 PM BE THERE!

August is the traditional month for vacations for people across the Northern Hemisphere… With the exception of the Feast of the Assumption (ZOLINES), August is bereft of either liturgical or civic celebrations. August is the “personification” of the expression the “lazy days of summer”. Enjoy your vacation time.. rest mind and body. Put aside the tensions and rigid calendars that rule our lives the rest of the year and take a couple of deep breaths… and thank the Lord for your life… Come back from vacation rested and resolute… ready to once again take part in the life of your community, your profession, and your parish!

WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 15 is the Feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. It is a Holy Day of Obligation. Although, sadly, Mass will not be said in Lithuanian or English at Annunciation, Mass is normally said Wednesday evenings at 7:30 PM at Annunciation in Spanish.

Sunday, August 19, we will celebrate Zolines both at Mass and at Kavine. Father Volertas will be asked to bless flowers (or vegetables) that parishioners bring. There will be a special “tea” table with many kinds of teas to sample, and some unique cakes to try! Come, celebrate our Blessed Mother! If you want to donate something special, or help with this Kavine, contact Pat Sidas at SID...@AOL.COM .

TO REGISTER yourself and your family at Annunciation Parish call 718-384-0223 or e-mail You can also register at Kavine. See Joe Rudis for a registration form. It is important to be registered in our parish, especially when you require documentation of your active participation in the Faith, and to show Bishop DiMarzio how important it is to have a parish in the diocese where Lithuanians can be at home in the Holy faith!

ALL the sacraments are celebrated at Annunciation Parish:

The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and the Eucharist are celebrated every Sunday.

Confessions in Lithuanian and English, EVERY Sunday before Mass.

Baptisms and Weddings are arranged through the Parish Office at 718-384-0223

Sacrament of the Sick, and “Last Rites”, Father Volertas (718-326-2236) and Msgr. Calise (718-384-0223) are available to bring the Sacraments and anoint the sick and frail. Are you unable to get to Mass? Know someone else who can’t? Eucharistic Minister Vytautas Cereska will bring the Body and Blood of Christ to you. Call Vytautas at 646-246-8270.

Funerals DO take place in our church. Be sure to specify ANNUNCIATION to the Funeral Director, so the funeral will be held in your own parish church, or contact the Rectory directly at 718-384-0223

Annunciation Religious Education Program (Children) First Penance/First Communion, Confirmation—Contact Raimundas Slizys ( Childrens’ Liturgy, in Lithuanian and English, takes place ONE SUNDAY a month. Contact Dr. Milda Palubinskas at for the monthly calendar.

Religious Education for Adults who wish to become Catholics, or Baptized Catholics who have not received all the sacraments, is available. Contact Raimundas Silzys or Pat Sidas.

Altar Servers Children (or adults) who want to serve should contact Dr. Algis Lukosevicius at Schedules for serving are flexible. English-only servers are welcome!

Annunciation Parish Lithuanian Choir To join, please come to the Loft any Sunday to meet Organist and Choir Director Asta Barkauskas . The choir rehearses after Mass in the Loft or Lower Hall. BLESS ASTA AND OUR SINGERS, in spite of the heat and humidity of a BROOKLYN SUMMER, they loyally come to the loft (Think it is hot in the church? TRY GOING UPSTAIRS!) to use their God-given talents to beautify the liturgy of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. Have you thanked a choir member lately? TRY IT! BETTER YET, JOIN THEM! If you are interested in the instrumental make up of our Mighty Austin Organ, Opus 288, go to the American Guild of Organists web site at . Our instrument truly is MIGHTY! Every organ is UNIQUE!

Lectors at Mass Ladies and gentlemen who would like to serve should contact Vida Penikas (, or 516-922-1760). Vida will show you the ropes and help you schedule your time.

ATTENTION! VOLUNTEER USHERS are needed at Sunday Mass. Receiving the temporal offerings of our parishioners and guests and delivering them to the Altar at Sunday Mass is a noble thing to volunteer to do. Please consider volunteering to help the current Usher staff. (

Offertory Envelopes make it easy to make your weekly donation to the support the parish. You receive a packet monthly, by mail, with an envelope for each Sunday and for any scheduled special collections. To get on the mailing list, contact MARY ANN at the OLMC office… 718-384-0223.

You can ask a Mass be said in Annunciation Church. Joe Rudis has the Mass Book Sundays after Mass in the Parish Hall. The usual stipend is $50.

The 2012 Bishop’s Appeal has begun. Annunciation’s “quota” is $3,611. Last year only TWENTY SEVEN of us made donations. WE ALL have a responsibility to make a donation, no matter how small. “Where Charity and Love prevail, There God is ever found. Brought here together by God’s love, by love are we thus bound…” Envelopes are available on the publications table in the Parish Lower Hall or in the church vestibule. Any monies donated ABOVE our quota are returned to the Parish for parish use.

Parish Administrator Msgr. Jpseph Calise will join Dr. Giedre Kumpikas on her radio program on Tuesday, August 14 and 21 (He also appeared July 31 and August 7). The program can be heard on WPAT 930 and via the internet at

Sick call list: Elvira Vilineskis, Phyllis Macenas, Liuda Gudelis, Joe Levonas, and Anele Steponis are suffering the assaults of age. Gloria O’Brien, Edward Diskevich, Antanas Vytuvis, and Jerry Cernauskas also need prayers. Virginia Scheibis has had health issues, too. Please keep Mary Ann at the Mt. Carmel office in your prayers, too. She will have minor surgery this month.

KAVINE goes to the Olympics! Sunday, August 5, parishioners cheered and cheered for 15 year old Ruta Meilutyte as they watched a video, created by Raimundas Slizys, showing her gold medal winning swim, the traditional Olympic Medal Ceremony, and reactions to her victory from Palanga and Vilnius, Lithuania. Thanks, Raimundai!

KAVINE NEWS: If you want to provide something special at Kavine, please contact Pat Sidas at SID...@SOL.COM so she can help you coordinate your donation. God Bless the KAVINE SET-UP AND CLEAN-UP COMMITTEE. To volunteer to help at Kavine, contact Vida Penikas or Pat Sidas. All you have to do is come half an hour early once in a while to set up the hall, or stay 15-20 minutes longer to clear the tables, fold the cloths, and “wash” the coffee and tea pots. Aciu to Vida Jankauskas for a donation of coffee, and Albina Zumbakis for donations of cakes! Thanks to NY Ateitis Chapter for donating their leftover “stuff” to Kavine! Thanks to the Butkus family for a donation of trays and serving bowls! Welcome to new volunteer Kristina Gabsevicius!

May they rest in peace in the arms of the angels! Regina Balsys, mother of Jurate and widow of Aloyzius, has died. Zivile Jurys has died. She was preceded in death by her husband Zenonas, and their son Mindaugas. Her daughters Daiva and Vilija, Vilija’s husband Brian, and son Brian, and Daiva’s daughter Gabija survive her. Amelia Kraznica has died. She is survived by a daughter and three grandchildren. Lifetime parishioner, local businessman, and great parish benefactor, John Krantz has died. He left no immediate survivors. His funeral will be at Annunciation at 9:45 AM Saturday, August 11.

Jean Pietrusiewicz’s oldest grandson, John, Rauert, graduated High School this June! Congratulations! John will attend Adelphi University.

Parish Choir member Antanas Bublis, son of Asta and Zilvinas, has also graduated from High School and will attend NYU Poytechnic University, Alma Mater of many Lithuanian scientists and engineers! Congratulations!

Matas Slizys has joined our parish choir. He brought his fine bass voice with him! He will continue to assist at the Altar when needed, too. Ariana Lukosevicius, who is studying voice, has joined the alto section of our choir!

Visitors to Annunciation this summer include Ausra Kregzdys Cunningham and her husband from Pittsburg, the mother of LBBQ president Rasa Sprindys, and Dr. Richard Kumet, son of Bill (and the late Shirley). Dr. Kumet is serving war veterans with his work in the Veterans Administration Hospital in Tucson, Arizona, where he and Cindy and Brandon and Mason and Lauren live! Annunciation is PROUD!

Parish Sexton Phil Caponegro says that there are repairs to the plumbing system being made in our Parish Lower Hall to prevent further flooding when there is heavy rain, a long time problem. When you see Phil, introduce yourself and THANK HIM for all he does for our parish facilities.

HELP! ANNUNCIATION NEEDS SOME BODIES! Putting on the parish picnic is a LARGE undertaking. Help is always help with preparing the school yard Saturday (With LAK), help preparing food and the Lower Hall Saturday and Sunday, help with the mini-lottery. IF you are willing to volunteer an hour or three to help your parish with its biggest single fundraiser of the year, please contact ant member of the Lithuanian Affairs Committee. Many hands DO make light work! DONATIONS of lottery prizes are always needed… please contact Vida Jankauskas ( or Raimundas Slizys ( if you have something to donate.

NORTHSIDE SENIOR CENTER, 179 North 6th (Bet. Bedford and Driggs Aves.) is open to ALL SENIORS! They have “Morning Coffee Break”, lunch, recreational, educational, and social activities, a COMPUTER LAB, and Social Services information available free, or for VERY LITTLE charge. Check this Catholic Charities Center OUT! Remember the Bishop’s Appeal? Well, here’s where some of the money goes! (718-387-2316.) THEY EVEN HAVE TRANSPORTATION AVAILABLE!

CALLING ANNUNCIATION CLASS OF 1955! Jim Thomas (aloft or Linda Mockapetris Greene at CALLING ANNUNCIATION CLASS OF 1963! Larry Kiceina know: IPAC...@YAHOO.COM

News from Mt. Carmel: (

Mt. Carmel Serenity Sunday, for people recovering from addictions, and for those who love them. Mass at 5:00 pm, “pot luck” supper after, followed by “meetings” according to the precepts of “AA”. Next Serenity Sunday will be September 2. The good folk who attend Serenity Sunday’s pot luck dinners are most grateful to the various Annunciation organizations that donate left over food! Glad Tidings (LGBT Community) meets the second and fourth Monday of each month, 7:00 PM. Registration is open for students in grades k-8 at Queen of the Rosary Academy. Call 718-1110 for information. Registration for the Fall Catholic HS admission test (TACHS) is available at 1-866-61TACHS. The test is given in all Catholic High Schools on November 10.

HUGE APOLOGIES! Three wonderful teachers of folk dance led the New York contingent to glory at the recent Dance Festival in Boston: Aldona Marijosius taught the Youth/Student group. Cheryl Milukas taught the Maironis School Dancers, and Laurynas Vismanas taught the Tryptinis Adult group! TRYPTINIS hopes to be able to continue to be organized so that it can participate in future Lithuanian events. Newcomers and former Tryptinis members of ALL AGES are welcome to join the group, as supporters or dancers. Contact Jonas Jankauskas to join the fun and great exercise!!

Our Lady of Vilnius News: For information, contact Elaine Derso, 212-874-2506, or Mindaugas Blaudziunas at

Lithuanian Catholic Religious Aid News: LCRA has produced a history of its work, “A Mosaic of Works” . The price is $25.00 plus shipping. The book can be purchased at LCRA -64-25 Perry Ave., Maspeth New York. E-mail tel: 718-326-5202.

MAIRONIS SCHOOL NEWS: School will be open in just a few weeks! School Director Fausta Sinkunas invites all children, ages 2-15, and adults wanting to learn to speak Europe’s oldest living language to come to school! Maironis School holds classes Saturdays at 206 Skilman Street in Brooklyn (St. Francis of Paola parish). There are a few openings in the faculty as of this time. Can YOU give some time to teach? Contact Director Fausta at

NY Lithuanian Athletic Club News: This year’s LAK picnic will take place September 15, from 1PM-8PM in the Annunciation Parish School Yard, 70 Havemeyer Street, Brooklyn. EVERYONE, especially families, is invited! There will be food, refreshments of several sorts, music, and a lottery. The profits from this great fun event will be split between Camp Neringa and the Lithuanian athletic Club. For more information about the picnic or abut the club, contact Jonas Jankauskas at NEW LAK MEMBERS ARE MOST WELCOME!

HEADS UP! Sunday, September 16, same place, ANNUNCIATION PARISH PICNIC will take place, so, Y’ALL COME BACK Sunday for Mass, for good Lithuanian Food and Beer, and to support our beloved parish! (Chance books will be sent parishioners in August!) THE ALTAR BOY HOT DOG STAND WIL BE BACK! EVERYONE is invited! There will be entertainment, singing, dancing, a mini-lottery, lots of friendship and fun. EVERYBODY has a good time at our parish picnic!

LONG ISLAND NEWS: HEADS UP! Council 152, Knights of Lithuania president Julia Schroeder asks all of us to a commemoration of the feast of Our Lady of Siluva, September 8, 2012, at Our Lady of the Island Shrine.

NERINGA NEWS: Adult Camp, with the theme of Tikejimo Kelais, and “Meno8Dienos” (Artist camp) Camp will be held August 19-26. For information contact

THE BI-ANNUAL DIOCESE OF BROOKLYN PILGRIMAGE to the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception will take place this year on October 27. For information about bus transportation and the program for the day contact Father Volertas at VOLE...@AOL.COM or at 718-326-2236.

Welcome to our New readers: Algis and Vida Jankauskas, Ausra Cunningham

Volunteers are always needed: Someone to read at Mass, to sing in the choir, to wash a pot or set a table once in a while. . Maybe, YOU can volunteer just once in a while so the work does not always fall on the same generous souls? The list of who to contact is below… CALL! E-MAIL!

COME VOLUNTEER FOR YOUR PARISH! Come help do His work on Earth!

Administrator Msgr. Joseph Calise 718-384-0223
Associate Priest Rev.Vytautas Volertas 718-326-2236
Parish Trustees, Parish Council Members Eric Arango, Raimundas Slizys
Lithuanian Affairs Vida Jankauskas L...@EARTHLINK.NET
Committee Raimundas Slizys LIT...@AOL.COM
Lectors, Ushers Vida Penikas
Annunciation Parish Lithuanian Choir Asta Barkauskas Just Come to the loft!
Kavine Pat Sidas 203-762-9726, SID...@AOL.COM
Lithuanian/English Bulletin Editor Grazina Janusas GRAZ...@YAHOO.COM
Parish Website Administrator Arunas Tirksliunas
Decorating the Church Joe Rudis, Algis Lukosevicius 718-438-4649
Acolyte Program Dr. Algis Lukosevicius ALGI...@YAHOO.COM
Religious Education Dr. Milda Palubinskaite
Salvijus Kungys
Dana Raciunas Norvila,
Raimundas Slizys LITH...@AOL.COM
Rosemarie Walsh (English) 718-384-0223, ext. 28
Ateitis Dr. Algis Lukosevicius
Youth Chapter Dr. Milda Palubinskas
Spanish Affairs Committee /Bulletin Leticia Serrano ARI...@AOL.COM
Annunciation Parish Spanish Choir Antonio Arenas See him after 11:30 am Mass
Guadalupe Committee Clemente Randon C12G...@AOL.COM
Queen of the Rosary Academy 718-782-1110
Teachers of Light Tutoring/SAT Prep program (free) 347-342-8354,
Diocesan Migration Office Msgr. Ralph Marino 718-236-3000
Serenity Sunday Monsignor Calise 718-384-0223
LGBT Ministry Father Michael Lynch 718-834-0223
Maironis Lithuanian Saturday School Fausta Sinkunas, Principal
Lithuanian Scouts : Tomas Lora, Aldute Belzer,
Lithuanian Athletic Club ( Jonas Jankauskas
Knghts of Lithuania: K12: Elaine Derso K110: Dr. P. Kazas: K152: Julia Schroeder
RADIO MARIJA www.marijosradijas.LT
Rachel’s Helpers (Abortion Victims Consolation) 718-939-6646
Churches United (English Classes, Legal Clinic, Employment Services, all free) 718-388-3774
Diocesan Catholic Charities Family/Counseling Centers 718-281-9540,

To schedule an event in the Parish Lower Hall, please contact R. Slizys at LIT...@AOL.COM

You can ask a Mass be said in Annunciation Church. Joe Rudis has the Mass Book Sundays after Mass in the Parish Hall. The usual stipend is $50.


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