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Welcome to Apreiskimo Parapijos
English Language Bulletin ZINIOS

MAY, 2012


(Palaimintasis Jurgis Matulaitis-Matulevicius 1871-1927 Malda (Prayer)
Palaimintasis arkivyskupe Jurgi. Nekaltai Pradetusios Svenciausios Mergeles Marijos myletojau ir istikimas Baznycios sunau, ismelsk mums dorybiu ir jegu bei ryzto uoliai darbuotis Baznyciai, Tevynei, ir viska atnaujinti Kristuje.

May 6 Maironis School Mother‘s Day Celebration Mt. Carmel Parish Hall

May 11 LAK Annual Meeting 8pm Parish Lower Hall

May 13 Mother’s Day (US)
Kavine Parish Lower Hall


May 19 Maironis School Graduation Ceremony Annunciation Church

May 20 Kavine Parish Lower Hall

May 20 VARPELIS CHOIR 10 Anniversary Concert Saints Peter and Paul Church, Elizabeth, NJ
12 Noon For information:

Kavine Parish Lower Hall


Ateitis Federation New Member Investiture 10: 00 AM Mass
And Spring Family Celebration Parish Lower Hall

June 10 Feast of Corpus Christi
Day of Sorrow and Hope Commemoration Annuncciation Parish
Following 10:00 AM Mass Lower Hall

IMPORTANT News about the Diocese of Brooklyn Strategic Planning Commission: For the past year the Commission has been working with parishes, reviewing their financial situation, their facilities, and the sacramental life of the parishes. The Commission made its recommendations to Bishop DiMarzio about what steps should be taken to strengthen Phase IV parishes. Annunciation Parish WILL CONTINUE to be Alive and Well and Living at North Fifth And Havemeyer! Bishop DiMarzio has directed the parish to continue to work with joint budgeting processes with Msgr. Calise and Mt. Carmel Parish (Msgr. Calise will remain as our parish Administrator.), and to undertake necessary work to PRESERVE OUR GLORIOUS CHURCH. We will all have to PULL TOGETHER to increase the Sacramental Life of the parish and Mass attendance, to increase the parish‘s operating income through the Sunday collections to KEEP our parish open, and to find ways to effectively maintain our 150 year old Church…………..Yes, Annunciation Parish was founded 150 years ago…………..NEWS ABOUT CELEBRATING ANNUNCIATION 150 will come soon! Wait for it! Our Lady of the Annunciation, THANK YOU for your Intercession………Your Lithuanian and Spanish speaking children are ready and willing to keep the House named for you open for many generations to come!

(Information about Transfiguration Parish and Phase IV is available from Fr. Volertas or Dr. Kazas)

This SUNDAY, MAY 6, is Lithuanian Mothers Day. Lithuania is the ONLY country that celebrates Mothers Day the FIRST Sunday in May! Come and bring your precious Mother (Mociute and Teta, too!), to the Maironis School Annual Mother’s Day Celebration at Annunciation Parish. Come Hear Mass at 10:00 AM, then follow the crowd down Havemeyer to North 8th, Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Hall, for a fine lunch, precious entertainment by the tallest to the smallest Maironis students, and loving fellowship with their parents and your fellow parishioners. Tickets are $15, ($10 Students 5-18) and will be available at the door!

BISHOP GRUSAS IS COMING! Sunday, June 3, the NY Chapter of Ateitis and Atetis Youth have invited His Excellency Bishop Gintaras Grusas, Chaplain to the Lithuanian Interrnational Catholic Federation (Ateitis), to come to Annunciation to take part in the traditional Spring Family Festival, and to induct new members into the NY Ateitis Chapter at the 10:00 AM Lithuanian Mass., Bishop Grusas will concelebrate the Mass preach the sermon and preside at the initiation of the new Ateitis members. After Mass lunch, refreshments, and cake and coffee will be available for purchase, courtesy of the Ateitis NY Chapter. All Ateitis members, past and present, are urged to attend. Annunciation parishioners are also urged to attend this most joyful event in our parish. Come and show Bishop Grusas that our parish is indeed alive and well and living at North Fifth and Havemeyer! For more information about Ateitis, please contact Chapter Chairman Dr A.Lukosevicius at, or Youth Chapter Chairman Dr. Milda Palubinskas at . COME, FILL OUR CHURCH!

The 2nd Annual One World One Mother procession to Time Square will take place on Saturday, May 5th 2012 at Holy Innocents Church, 128 West 37th Street, NY, NY 10018. Mass will be at 4:00pm followed by the procession of the International Madonnas through Time Square, including Our Lady of Siluva! Edward Cardinal Egan will be main celebrant and homilist. Please come and celebrate this unique event! The participation of Lithuanians in One World One Mother 2011 can be seen at:

Easter was celebrated with great joy in our parish……..Joe Rudis and Algis Lukosevicius, with the assistance or Richard Catalanotti and Phillip Caponegro, saw to the decorating of the altars. Father Volertas began the Mass (which Msgr. Calise concelebrated with him) with the traditional procession to the tomb, where he proclaimed the Resurrection of the Lord. Bells rang, our mighty Austin Organ sounded, and the choir sang the great hymn telling the story of how the gates of hell were broken, how Mary Magdalene found the tomb empty and ran to tell His disciples and the Sorrowful Mother. HE HAS RISEN AS HE SAID HE WOULD…….Three times the Blessed Sacrament was carried through the church as choir and people sang of their salvation. Monsignor Calise brought warm and heartfelt greetings to his Lithuanian flock, and his Lithuanian flock reciprocated with hearty applause.

After Mass, the doors of Annunciation Parish Hall opened, and welcomed worshippers with a breakfast of Easter eggs, black bread, ham, cheese, sausage, and cake and coffee. Many thanks go to Ona Povilaitis and Pat Sidas who set up the hall Saturday afternoon (Josefina Senken also volunteered to help, but could not at the last minute………!) Jean Pietrusiewicz and family led the cleanup crew! Barbara Smith and Elisabeth Basile helped BEFORE and AFTER! MANY generous people donated the breakfast “fixins”…A great big ACIU to you all! Leftovers were carefully re-plated and left for the coffee hour that followed 11:30 AM Mass.

Notes from faraway places…….Bill Kucinskas writes that, by the grace of God, his Mother-in-Law Ellen escaped a FIRE in her home unscathed….not so the house, alas. From DOWN UNDER (yes. ZINIOS has TWO readers there…….) Birute Radzivanas writes “My greetings to all of you hard working, dedicated parishioners! I will be in NY is September..HUGS to all of you! Ecos de Lituania, in Argentina, invites you to follow their new broadcast season at

Sick call list: Regina Balsys, Elvira Vilineskis, Phyllis Macenas, Liuda Gudelis, Joe Levonas, and Anele Steponis are suffering the assaults of age. Gloria O’Brien, Edward Diskevich, Antanas Vytuvis,and Jerry Cernauskas also need prayers. Virginia Scheibis is recovering from her accident. Father Lynch, who serves the Spanish Community, is recovering from knee surgery. Arturas Jautakas is still VERY sick. Pray for him, Loneda, and their sons, too………..

ALL the sacraments are celebrated at Annunciation Parish:

The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and the Eucharist are celebrated every Sunday. Confessions are heard by Fr. Volertas before Mass in Lithuanian and English EVERY Sunday. Baptisms and Weddings, or for the Sacrament of the Sick, and “Last Rites”, just call Msgr. Calise (718-384-0223 ) or Fr. Volertas (718-326-2236). Funerals DO take place in our church. Be sure to specify ANNUNCIATION to the Funeral Director, so the funeral will be held in your own parish church.

Annunciation Religious Education Program:

First Penance/First Communion, Confirmation, contact Raimundas Slizys (, Lithuanian), or Rose Marie Walsh (718-384-0223, XT 28, English.) Childrens’ Liturgy, in Lithuanian and English, takes place ONE SUNDAY a month. Contact Dr. Milda Palubinskas at for the monthly calendar. Religious Education for Adults who wish to become Catholics, or Baptized Catholics who have not received all the sacraments is available. Contact Raimundas Silzys or Pat Sidas.

Altar Servers Children (or adults) who want to serve should contact Dr. Algis Lukosevicius at . Schedules for serving are flexible.

Lectors at Mass Ladies and gentlemen who would like to serve should contact Vida Penikas (, or 516-922-1760). Vida will show you the ropes and help you schedule your time. Annunciation Parish Lithuanian Choir To join, please come to the Loft any Sunday to meet Organist and Choir Director Asta Barkauskas . The choir rehearses after Mass in the Loft or Lower Hall.

KAVINE NEWS: If you want to provide something special at Kavine, please contact Pat Sidas at SID...@SOL.COM so she can help you coordinate your donation. God Bless the KAVINE SET-UP AND CLEAN-UP COMMITTEE. To volunteer to help at Kavine, contact Vida Jankauskas or Pat Sidas. All you have to do is come half an hour early once in a while to set up the hall, and/or stay 15-20 minutes longer to clear the tables, fold the cloths, and “wash” the coffee and tea pots. THANK YOU Martye Kumet, for a donation of cake. Maryte and Bill are ALWAYS there to help! Other folk who are regular helpers are Ramute and Ricardas Hopanus, Algis Jankauskas, Andzele Petraitis, and the Butkus family ALL THREE of them! So do the Palubinskas Chakar Family—all SIX of them! And. of course, all FIVE of the extended Slizys family! After Mass helpers include Martin and Jean Pietrusiewicz, Barbara Smith, and Elizabeth Basile from our English dominant community!

Maironis School News: Saturday, May 19, FIVE students will graduate! Graduation will be held in Annunciation Church, with a reception in the Parish Lower Hall to follow.

Lithuanian Catholic Religious Aid News: In celebration of the Golden Anniversary of this vital organization, on April 22, a splendid reception at Christ the King School Hall was held, following Mass at Transfiguration Church, at which Bishop Di Marzio was in attendance along with Bishop Baltakis, Bishop Grusas, Monsignor Putrimas, Father Volertas, Father Savickas. Retired pastor of Our Lady of Vilnius Parish, and other clergy. The Dainava Chorus Sextet from Chicago performed a fabulous fun concert, and the recently published (written by Annunciation’s own Monika Kungys and designed by Annunciation’s own Denise Jankauskas) organizational history was presented. Executive Director Vida Jankauskas and Assistant Josefina Senken were roundly, loudly applauded for their many years of faithful service to Religious Aid, Bless them!

Special Annunciation thanks go to Father Thomas Haggerty, a retired priest of the Diocese, originally from “Southside” Williamsburg, now in residence at Mt. Carmel, who substituted for Father Volertas, who was unable to come to Annunciation due to the special Anniversary Mass. Cheers, too, to Raimundas Slizys, who produced a bilingual Mass booklet so all could joyfully participate in the Mass, and Vida Penikas, who served as lector and liaison with Father Haggerty.

May she rest in peace in the arms of the angels! Remember Malvina Klivecka in your prayers.

CALLING ANNUNCIATION CLASS OF 1955! Please get in touch with your classmates Jim Thomas (aloft or Linda Mockapetris Greene at .

CALLING ANNUNCIATION CLASS OF 1963! Know a member? Maybe, your baby brother? Let Larry Kiceina know: IPAC...@YAHOO.COM The Class wants to have a REUNION!

Camp Neringa News: Neringa is a great place for Kids! Want to visit one weekend? June 27-29 is OPEN HOUSE WEEKEND! Contact for information! The traditional WOMENS WEEKEND is May 18-20. For information, check the Neringa web site!

NY Lithuanian Athletic Club News: Annual Meeting will be held May 11, 8:00 PM, in Annunciation Parish Lower Hall. NEW MEMBERS ARE MOST WELCOME! ( Congratulations to Gelezinas Vilkas Team 2, which won FIRST PLACE in the AMBASSADOR’S TOURNAMENT in Washington, DC, recently. Gelezinas Vilkas 1 was the runner-up team! HURRAY FOR NYLAK! Congratulations, Coach Kavaliauskas!

The 14th Lithuanian Dance Festival (July 1, 2012, in Boston) Contact Cheryl Milukas ( or go to information on tickets and ads. IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN GOING BY BUS FROM BROOKLYN/QUEENS to the Festival, please contact Vida Jankauskas at L...@EARTHLINK.NET

EMERGING ARTISTS THEATRE’S NEW WORK SERIES presents A reading of A CHILD IS IN THE HOUSE A play by Scott Klavan Directed by Rasa Allan Kazlas+ A FAITHFUL ZINIOS READER!– A dark comedy about a dysfunctional family of lawyers, an odd visitor, and a baby. Misplaced love, displaced priorities, and debased emotions. Mon. May 14 @ 7PM Tada! Theater, 15 W. 28th St. (2nd fl). Tickets: $10

Letters to the Editor: An anonymous person wrote “I have been warmed by fires I did not build and have drunk from wells I did not dig. ” Too often we take for granted things provided by the inspiration and hard work of others as if they happened by accident. I think for myself and many others Zinios, which we enjoy and find valuable, maybe one of those things. I am enclosing a check along with my appreciation and admiration to you and the others responsible for the production, maintenance and distribution of Zinios. I hope that this can be used to defray some of the expenses that you encounter in this noble work. I know that the Annunciation Church Community is better as a result of this website and newsletter. As a Community, we all have to share in the effort to remain strong and together. I am trying to do my part through a financial contribution and urge other who look forward each month to receiving Zinios to support its continuation by supporting it financially.Aciu labai uz Zinios. Su geriausiais linkejimais, Pranas Ulcickas Nashua NH (Pranas was an ORIGINAL subscriber, whose encouragement was key to ZINIOS getting started! His donation will go to help funding the Annunciation Web Site, as there is only the cost of TIME to produce ZINIOS!

Our Lady of Vilnius News: For information, contact Elaine Derso, 212-874-2506, M.indaugas Blaudziunas at At Msgr.P utrimas’ request, Cardinal Dolan has agreed to allow the Jonynas windows and other religious artifacts from the church to be shipped to Lithuania……Now, funds must be found to pay for the shipping……….

Welcome to our new readers: Dr. Giedris Klivecka, Zvile Jurys, Audrey Trachtenberg, Airida Povilaitis, Angele Anilioniene, Virginia Scheibis.

HEADS UP! Council 152, Knights of Lithuania president Julia Schroeder asks all of us to a commemoration of the feast of Our Lady of Siluva, September 8, 2012, at Our Lady of the Island Shrine, that will also commemorate the 99th ammiversary of the founding of the Knights of Lithuania.

News from Mt. Carmel: ( The Joint Annunciation-Mt. Carmel Parish Council has a new president: Helen Langone. The Council accepted the resignation of long time Annunciation Parish Council Member Joe Rudis…Thanks, Joe! Dr. Algis Lukosevicius will join Raimundas Slizys, Vida Penikas, Eric Arrango and Leticia Serrano (And one additional gentleman, Gene, from the Spanish Community) in representing Annunciation Parish on the joint Council.

Mt. Carmel Serenity Sunday, for people recovering from addictions, and for those who love them. Mass at 5:00 pm, “pot luck” supper after, followed by “meetings” according to the precepts of “AA”. Next Serenity Sunday will be June 3. Glad Tidings (LGBT Community) meets the second and fourth Monday of each month, 7:00 PM. Former Mt. Carmel pastor and Annunciation Administrator, Msgr. David Cassato, will celebrate the 40th anniversary of his ordination this June. AD MULTOS ANNOS!

TO REGISTER yourself and your family at Annunciation Parish call 718-384-0223 or e-mail . You can also register at Kavine. See Joe Rudis for a registration form.

Offertory Envelopes make it easy to make your weekly donation to the support the parish. You receive a packet monthly, by mail, with an envelope for each Sunday and for any scheduled special collections. To get on the mailing list, contact MARY ANN at the OLMC office…718-384-0223.

Volunteers are always needed: Someone to read at Mass, to sing in the choir, to wash a pot or set a table once in a while. Someone to make centerpieces, to decorate the altar, to teach the children; someone to organize a picnic or a lottery. Maybe, YOU can volunteer just once in a while so the work does not always fall on the same generous souls? The list of who to contact is below…….CALL!

COME VOLUNTEER FOR YOUR PARISH! Come help do His work on Earth!

Administrator Msgr. Joseph Calise 718-384-0223
Associate Priest Rev.Vytautas Volertas 718-326-2236
Parish Trustees, Parish Council Members Eric Arango, Raimundas Slizys
Lithuanian Affairs Vida Jankauskas L...@EARTHLINK.NET
Committee Raimundas Slizys LIT...@AOL.COM
Lectors, Ushers Vida Penikas
Annunciation Parish Lithuanian Choir Asta Barkauskas Just Come to the loft!
Kavine Pat Sidas 203-762-9726, SID...@AOL.COM
Lithuanian/English Bulletin Editor Vida Jankauskas L...@EARTHLINK.NET
Parish Website Administrator Arunas Tirksliunas
Decorating the Church Joe Rudis, Algis Lukosevicius 718-438-4649
Acolyte Program Dr. Algis Lukosevicius ALGI...@YAHOO.COM
Religious Education Dr. Milda Palubinskaite
Salvijus Kungys
Dana Raciunas Norvila,
Raimundas Slizys LITH...@AOL.COM
Rosemarie Walsh (English) 718-384-0223, ext. 28
Ateitis Dr. Algis Lukosevicius
Youth Chapter Dr. Milda Palubinskas
Spanish Affairs Committee /Bulletin Leticia Serrano ARI...@AOL.COM
Annunciation Parish Spanish Choir Antonio Arenas See him after 11:30 am Mass
Guadalupe Committee Clemente Randon C12G...@AOL.COM
Queen of the Rosary Academy 718-782-1110
Teachers of Light Tutoring/SAT Prep program (free) 347-342-8354,
Diocesan Migration Office Msgr. Ralph Marino 718-236-3000
Serenity Sunday Monsignor Calise 718-384-0223
LGBT Ministry Father Michael Lynch 718-834-0223
Maironis Lithuanian Saturday School Fausta Sinkunas, Principal
Lithuanian Scouts : Tomas Lora, Aldute Belzer,
Lithuanian Athletic Club ( Jonas Jankauskas
Knghts of Lithuania: K12: Elaine Derso K110: Dr. P. Kazas: K152: Julia Schroeder
RADIO MARIJA www.marijosradijas.LT
Rachel’s Helpers (Abortion Victims Consolation) 718-939-6646
Churches United (English Classes, Legal Clinic, Employment Services, all free) 718-388-3774
Diocesan Catholic Charities Family/Counseling Centers 718-281-9540,

To schedule an event in the Parish Lower Hall, please contact R. Slizys at LIT...@AOL.COM

You can ask a Mass be said in Annunciation Church. Joe Rudis has the Mass Book Sundays after Mass in the Parish Hall. The usual stipend is $50.


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